When it comes to having a unforgettable, amazing wedding; everything has to be perfect, even the rings.

You would be amazing if you knew how many couples do not know the proper rings to get when and what they mean.

If this is you, do not be embarrassed.

You are far from alone in this adventure of learning about the rings that are going to be stuck on your fingers for the rest of your lives.

The female engagement ring.

This is typical a single band silver or gold band with one or multiple diamonds and gemstones lined along the top or the sides of the band.

This is given when the man is asking the woman to be his future, his life and his everything.

It is normally given to the future bride in the form of a box or hidden inside of a special meal or other meaningful event in order to surprise the woman with asking for her hand in marriage.

The male engagement ring.

Right now, in modern times, it is not uncommon for a woman to be the one who pops the question.

When she is the one who is taking the leap of faith, praying that he will say yes.

She will go to the jewelry store and invest in a silver or gold band that is encrusted with diamonds or gemstones.

Just as when the roles are reversed, it is normally given in a formal box or hidden inside of some form of a secret manner to ensure that the future husband has no idea what is going to happen upon the time of proposing.

It is important to remember that a male engagement ring, is not mandatory.

An engagement ring is an important mile stone in any serious relationship.

It symbolizes that you are madly in love with the other person, that you are no longer on the market when it comes to seeing other people, that you are promising them that you want to move forward in your relationship and have a long life together.

It is not to be mistaken for a small commitment, this is a huge deal in someones life.

The wedding rings.

These are normally silver or gold bands with no design or jewels upon them.

The bride and the groom typically get the exact some style and color rings, it is a good way to enhance that the two of you are together just by taking a fast glance at each of your hands.

This form of a ring symbolizes your vows.

Which, of course, are different for every couple, but it is to show that you promise to love, cherish, hold, support, motivate and push your partner to be the best they can be in good times and bad, in sickness and health; until the day that you die.

Both of these rings are placed on the left hand, on the finger that is located between the middle digit and the pinky finger, as this is the only finger that has a vein which runs directly to the heart.

At the time of marriage, the husband will normally take off the engagement ring on himself, while the wife replaces it with the wedding band.

The wife has the choice of whether she wants to continue to wear her engagement ring with the wedding band or simply remove it and store it away in a treasure chest.

When it comes to having the perfect wedding, do not forget that this includes the proper rings to officially make the process locked in forever.

If you have any further questions or concerns when it comes to purchasing the best ring for your situation, your local jeweler will be able to assist you with any problems you might be having.