If you are looking for the most amazing, unforgettable wedding dress that has ever been made, then you should take a look at these next suggestions when looking for the best fit for you.

We all wish it was as simple as finding a one size fits all theme when it came to getting the perfect dress, but unfortunately for you, the bride, it is not the case.

Thankfully, what we do have is some awesome tips that will get you headed in the right direction.

A good thing to consider when looking for the most amazing dress ever, is the material.

You are going to be walking, moving, laughing, crying and pretty much living in this dress for more than eight hours on the day of your wedding.

Finding a material that is going to be able to tolerate and be comfortable enough for all of the things you will be doing is going to be the first step for finding the best dress for you.

You can choose between satin, silk, lace, velvet and many more when trying to find the perfect material.

The next thing you want to think about is the style.

You can have a formal dress, a more modern style, a beach look, a Victorian theme, etc.

When it comes to looking for the best style that fits you, it is probably a good idea to revolve this aspect of the dress more around the theme itself, rather than what you like in a opinionated manner.

Remember, when planning a wedding, every object is a puzzle piece and when the whole event is live and happening, each piece is supposed to fit in harmony together for a bigger picture.

The next thing you are going to start thinking about is the cut of the dress.

You can have a long, flowing, gorgeous princess type gown or a short, sassy, and sexy style dress that really turns heads while you walk down the pathway to your forever.

This can either be tied in with the theme of the rest of the wedding, or where you add your own personal flare to the dress itself.

Once you have all of those things planned and well thought out, the next option you want to look at is, the versatility of the dress itself.

What can you do with it or how can you have it modified to ensure an easy translation between the ceremony and the reception.

Most brides want a more formal dress for the actual vows and then a sassier gown for the rest of the night.

Finding a dress that is either both in one or will be easy to get on and off is a good way to plan the dress switching without it being a hectic mess.

When you are looking for the perfect wedding dress, there are many section to break down the dress into pieces and then admire it as a whole to gather the proper information for your personal needs and taste.

If there is nothing on the shelve that you absolutely love, do not worry.

You can always take a blank canvas to a tailor and a designer.

Give them your idea and they will have the perfect dress in your closet by your big deal, hassle free!