If you are planning your wedding or someone else has appointed you to plan their wedding, it can be a very stressful period of time.

The one person who nobody wants disappointed when it comes to a wedding, is the bride.

Do not worry, these helpful pointers will help you create the more amazing wedding reception, ever!

A good thing to add to the check list is live entertainment.

This can be anything from a performer, a band, a painter and anything else that can be added into the theme of the wedding.

This is a very important slice of the reception, while people are mingling or waiting for other events to begin, no one has to entertain them, because they already have something to interact with.

This is always a great way to keep the pressure off of the bride and groom on their grand night.

The next thing to add to the list is, food.

This could potentially be one of the most crucial parts of making a unforgettable wedding reception.

Putting more money into this portion of the event, is a sure way to make sure everyone is happy.

Most people get very grumpy and anxious if they are hungry and it can be very hard to please a large group of people when it comes to a small menu.

This can be easily fixed by hiring a personal chef and his team.

They can create a slightly larger, than normal menu to give guests the option of picking exactly what they want when they get there.

This can solve the problem of them wanting something else on the actual day when people do pre-order receptions.

The third thing to keep in the back of your mind is games and activities.

This is not just for for the children that will be attending.

During certain parts of wedding receptions, it can get pretty stale and boring for everyone besides the two people who are getting married.

To insure that nobody will become to fidgety or bored, prepare games and special little things for them to occupy their time with while they are waiting for a more exciting part of the reception to begin.

The last tip that we have for you is something that nobody should ever forget is have a free bar with a bartender.

This of course, will be a place that many people will naturally find themselves crowding around.

So, it is important to have plenty of seating when crafting this section of the event.

For many people, weddings can bring out stress because the happily ever after and the crowd of people, having a free bar is a perfect way to ensure that everyone will be more relaxed.

Make sure that you always have a back up plan for each specific person that is supposed to attend the wedding such as the bartender, the performers, etc.

It is always best to plan for the worst and expect the best, this way there is no surprises that might sneak up on you during the event.

It is also a great idea to make sure that the bartender will limit guests on the amount of alcohol they have, so nobody is too rowdy at the reception.

By following these amazing ideas and adding your own twist to the tips, this will be the most amazing wedding reception ever!